TOP Design Brands from Scandinavia

Worldwide renowned, Scandinavian design has left a strong legacy because of its unique aesthetic, functionality, and design tradition. In the search for balance between the right materials and modern needs, Scandinavian design is not just about furniture and home décor, it is about identity, meaning, and quality of living. Here you have the TOP Design Brands from Scandinavia you need to know now.

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Must-See Architecture Museums in Scandinavia

Get to know the top architecture museums around the Scandinavian region. Architecture is used as a common language to understand human evolution, so as a frame for societal issues that provoke constant dialogue between designers and citizens. These exhibition spaces showcase the historical process of architecture and promote a new exchange of knowledge. Have a look now!

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Hello 🙂 As much as the situation is very complex and challenging, we gotta keep trying to enjoy life and focus on maintaining our activities and goals alive. Making an effort to keep healthy habits and a regular routine has been very challenging thought. So I think what helps now, is going to bed every […]

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