What do architects do? What can they offer besides designing buildings? Can architecture practice be redefined outside the conventional framework that positions him on society?

These and many more questions I had for months trying to find myself within the architecture world. The answers seemed like a nightmare. My anxious personality can give some dramatic dyes in everything I write, so be prepared. It is evident that everything has a root, it can be a fortunate event in our lives or the deepest black hole we have encountered. But for me, the roots of all stages in my conscious life were born since I set my feet at college studying architecture. Still, many times I have thought there is not enough people out there who can empathize with the roots of my process when shaping my identity as an architect.

After 8 years of being around architecture and its various fields, I began to wonder why the hell if I am able to design an entire building, my inner self has the same color like a gray sky during the worst winter day in northern Norway. I find it easier to execute a whole project for a client than even writing in a few sentences what I want in life. Why? Why it is easier to think about what type of gutter to place in an installation pipeline, that the kind of human being I want to become. If architects are dedicated to design every single detail ever created, why there are still difficulties for people to design their lives in such a way that they feel complete and transcending.

I still don’t have the answer. I put many labels on myself besides that of an architect and lastly of a person who found the answer to that question. And certainly, not yet at my age. But what I do know is that my intuition has let me dazzle that wonderful beam of light that comes and goes with time. And that intuition is what I have decided to put at the service of others. This intuition has been sculpted by my past experiences, my profession, and my desire to take what inspires me in response to my questions.

This inspiration has been fueled by many things, but above all, by the search for a way out of my greatest personal disagreements concerning my profession. It has come out of an authenticity formed little by little over the years, of being the “only” feeling a very colorful range of mixed feelings towards architecture and its practice. Being the “only one” that seemed to have an extremely rare and punctual conflict that I will be expressing over time. Being the “only one” and having unique roots of our actions is the flag that we each carry. The effort to keep a unique identity and roots afloat is a daily battle for me, which until this moment in life, I have begun to explore. I am looking forward to finding and admire the authenticity of each one of us. In a globalized world but so encapsulated by social canons and determined by mental patterns, we are accustomed to adopting.

I have sown here a seed of authenticity, hoping to be a recipient of various intersections between human beings moved by the constant search for the root of our actions. Because understanding where things come from is how we know where they are going. My story, like that of each one of you, has its different nuances. The strongest for me is my admiration to observe the delicate and addictive effect that specific and very few scenarios have in the world. For me, that effect caught my eyes and is the reason for my heartbeat. This effect is the engine that drives my fingers to write and my feet to head in that direction. Am I being too metaphorical?

In other words, my mission here is to bring you the identity and the roots that identify me today. Through visual pleasures, to satisfy a mental desire thanks to an image. I put all my senses in one place, and that place is this. I have set a goal which is to bring to your eyes a delicately curated sense of the city by someone who knows how to design buildings and by someone who seeks to add a service to the professional agenda of an architect. Have you thought about living a completely curated life? In the most organic and holistic sense possible …

Photos by Carlos Macchia

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