How much are we aware of our identity? How often do we think about which sense of identity we leave engraved in the memory of others?

Less than two years ago, I was enrolled in an MSc in Architecture in the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The objective of this master’s degree is to develop an identity and way of making unique architecture, which only each student can possess and therefore offer the world. The process of styling an identity, no matter what profession you have, is something long and complex, in my opinion. Having your identity clear is not easy, either because you are very open-minded or because the elements conforming such identity haven’t been tailored. That is, you live automatically, or you are a sample of various activities and/or philosophies that together do not reach a specific concept of “your” identity. Of course, not everything is that drastic. For me, the way in which I have given life to my identity is by carefully selecting the elements that conform it and, therefore, having those elements together, I lead them towards a certain direction. Not only is it enough to know what I like and what I don’t, but it also seems logical to use that information and do something with it. This is how I work on my identity.

I think that the identity of each person can be seen as a product given by your business card. It is a concept to which the three times are concerned; present, past, and future. Being the most important (as the basis for success in the use of the law of attraction) the PRESENT. Who are you today? What distinctive feature of your personality makes you different from others?

Being aware of our identity is essential to follow a clear direction. It is necessary for knowing how to manage ourselves in society, the responsibilities such identity involves, and the paths that we choose to make that concept coincide with reality. My identity lies in only one area, that of doing justice and honoring my passions through a selective method of executing those passions. Being selective, it is not only limited to choosing the most expensive clothing or even just calling myself picky. Being selective is an exhaustive task of processing information and taking action according to that information. Considering various factors involved in making every single decision, from the dumbest one to the most transcendent ones.

In a certain way, it is funny and somewhat exhausting, taking at least 5 minutes to decide which bottle of water to buy, sometimes I think I exaggerate the way and time I use to decide anything. But naturally my mind likes to take my time to try to get everything I do right. Repeatedly I have made quick and deviant decisions of my tastes. Consequently, it has been a lesson for me that I function better by stopping a little time to opt for option A or option B for anything in my life. This identity that I have been sculpting naturally and deliberately makes me feel safe. Always following my intuition. Being selective guarantees satisfaction accompanied by the result. Being selective is part of creating your own story and spinning the elements involved. Because being selective is a justified way of looking for the experience behind the act and product you choose for your life. I could call myself the “an experiences hunter.” For me, going for coffee does not lie so much in whether the coffee is excellent or good. Many times I decide more by the side whether the place has what I am looking for globally.

I remember my first signs of selectivity when I was going to buy material for my models at the university, choosing the white tone of the paper for me was waaay more important than knowing the name of the dean of the faculty. I was obsessed with details that perhaps, many people did not even cross their minds. I spent hours solving the aesthetics of my projects, or I preferred not to go to the parties to have ALL the time in the world designing my presentation panels. It is a hidden pleasure, an addiction to the aesthetics of things, to the aesthetics of life itself.

And I mentioned the word deliberately because here comes the best of that identity: build precisely how you want things to be in your life. And if that involves sacrificing others, then bring it on! In my short experience, being selective has saved me many bad situations, poor quality relationships, and led me to enjoy great achievements. An architect has to correspond to what his buildings say as to the performance of his own life. There has to be a concordance between his drawings and his lifestyle, in my opinion. It is that mere intersection that has shaped my identity. And of course, not everything is rosy, being selective can also take you to a cozy empty street, as my beautiful beloved streets of Oslo. Where only you will be the one who’s walking on there… TO BE CONTINUED.

Photos by Carlos Macchia

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