So far, I could say I am lucky enough to have a couple of human beings supporting me. For me, that is the most valuable thing one can have. Being beloved and supported is the only ingredient for success. My parents were the most supportive and kind persons I have ever met.

When visiting this lovely art decó building, the first thing that came to my mind was how lucky I am of being born in my family. How lucky I am to inherit the perseverance from my father, and the most beautiful attitude towards life from my mother. They have raised me in such a way that I am capable of building myself in the direction I want. This post is about reminding ourselves how lucky we are to be. Just be. I lack self-confidence for sure, but what made me strong in some aspects is the love I received from them. The way they built my foundations as a human being is my most precious piece of gold that I carry on with me everywhere I go.

When you think to yourself, how would it feel to win the big prize? Having wisdom and patience, mostly patience from your beloved ones, is the right answer for me. By this age, I started to understand how it is to love someone unconditionally. What it takes and what it means. It ain’t the easiest thing in the world. But it is something you develop over the years, just a carefully design an amazing building like this one here. I think to myself, what if I put the same attention and detail into my future relationships? The same attention when designing any project. Knowing even the smallest detail of personality from the people around you is one of the tasks I started to work on, like “mapping” their personality. To be aware of the areas where I can enter and show my best kind of unconditional love. This action, for me, is also like winning a million-dollar prize. I have the power to create such a strong connection and interior vibration between people around me and myself.

If I were asked, do you want to win the lottery? What do you want the big prize to be? I think my answer would be, being loved and love the others, no matter what.

After several years of claiming my place at college and in society in so many different ways, I started to develop a forced action to love others, no matter what. To be more comprehensive and patient. The same way my parents were with me. Because, when forgetting our shitty ego and position in society, it is when we all come together as one unity. Because that’s what we are anyway. We all are one. And oneself is everyone. I’ve been putting into practice my unconditional love in small amounts.. even if it’s a smile to somebody I did not want to smile too. Winning in life is about have an effect on ANYTHING other than only yourself. I am working very hard to understand, yes it’s about me but concerning the rest of the world. Winning is about that exact feeling of reward when someone has been affected positively by your actions. Victory is about forgetting ourselves sometimes and letting go of our limiting believes towards a more welcoming society, where we are all winners.

Photos by Mariana R.

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