Among the bast cultural offer in Bosque de Chapultepec, I discovered this hidden calm opened space in the middle of the woods. This exhibition space currently hosts a freshly made discourse around contemporary architecture and design in Mexico. It is a recycled space (formerly a touristic-train atelier) converted into the central base for the World Design Capital Mexico City 2018 program.

Currently, they are displaying two exhibitions that I had a look to first understand what’s this space about. My first time there. The first exhibition is entitled “Stories” by artist Almudena Lobera. With this exhibition, the artist proposes a different way of experiencing the dialogue between the spectator and the exhibition itself. She displays a series of pieces placed in a moving band enclosed within a square space where the spectator can have a look through little windows framing the installation. This series of pieces connect different genres and traditional techniques of production in combination with treatments applied to digital images.

The aim of displaying a mobile exhibition is to propose a critical introspective about the role the spectator has within society. This is by letting the spectator stand still while being able to have an overview of the entire exhibition without having to walk around. The spectator can (and will) record the objects on display from a single spot without moving. This represents the fast consumption and media mechanisms nowadays and how absurd they are. With an ironic and critical tone, this exhibition allows the spectator to consume a series of objects and translate that into media ready to share. Let’s say.


The second exhibition on display is entitled “Vision and Tradition.” It is an artist residency project promoting mutual learning and exchange of ideas between local artisans in Mexico and designers. To produce collaborative pieces based on two foundations: traditional production techniques combined with the insight of contemporary design. Two roles, one final outcome. This project has been carried out in 10 different states from Mexico, where more than 300 artisans had collaborated with 75 designers from various nationalities. Combining more than 20 different artisanal techniques and producing over 200 final collaborative pieces.

Tips: Have a look around, let yourself feel the space with its warm inside atmosphere, observe the beautiful concrete ceiling, and have a glance at the small book stand they have. Afterward, take a dose of sunlight on the backyard or hear the water moving at the garden next to the traces of railway lines. This space is to create an interior dialogue between what we see and what we think of architecture and design.

  • Location: “Espacio CDMX” Av. de los Compositores 4, Bosque de Chapultepec II Secc, Miguel Hidalgo, 11100 Ciudad de México, CDMX.
  • Website:

Photos by Lorena Cruz

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