Trying to find the way for everything. It’s what I’ve been doing for so long that I want to quit my employment with myself. Can’t we just get enough of everything? Looking for more, expecting situations happen the way we want. What I love about architecture is that it full fills my expectations every single time I select a place to explore. Architecture has the maximum power to offer transformable sensations without any disappointments on the way. Major masterpieces in the architecture world play crucial roles in society’s evolution and comfort.

With technology and innovation, the architecture will be able to transform itself into dynamic living environments where people adapt architecture into their way of living. But referring to classic and modern architecture, the buildings walk you through a series of elements that speak about hierarchy, proportion, and time. Whenever I struggle to find a way to comfort myself, I rely on architecture… it is something I do naturally wherever I go. Like I mentioned on my “The Roots” post. It is way easier to solve and perfect the art of designing a building rather than find a way to resolve personal issues and life goals.

Your way must rely on your own values and beliefs. Although it is convenient to take small references from others to draw strategies and apply them to our own paths. Just as in architecture. Designers use references from all sources (other designers, natural landscapes, the chemical composition of materials, etc.) to have a starting point. My references to find my way are, surprisingly, myself. I often forget what I’ve done right or wrong. I even take a look over and over again to my own architecture designs, work, memories, thoughts… to map whatever is inside of me. And happily, I must say it guides me to the right place. It prevents me from stepping out of my line. So I have this weird mechanism that I stop myself from making a wrong choice to find the way for something even before committing any act. However, this has taken me to a prolonged time box where I almost do not move for an extended period. But it’s okay! Everyone has their own pace for everything.

On this beautiful street in downtown Mexico, I wanted to state we all know our way, but sometimes many elements on the outside blur our paths. It is only a matter of paying attention to us and eventually finding the way out.

Photos by Lorena Cruz

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