What does it mean to really carry your flag with you? Most of my life, I never felt very tight to a place nor to a symbolic situation until I saw myself entirely blind by Scandinavia. However, I must say that I’ve been developing a strong connection with myself even if I am not in my dreamed spot in life YET, which makes me feel that I do carry on my flag with more momentum and intention. Way more than ever.

What I analyzed while writing this, is that not because you were born in a particular place or studied in a specific college, that determines the whole meaning of the flag you take everywhere. For me, the definition of such flag is given by an evolutionary process that has been slowly shaping who I am today. I have built the meaning of this flag with many many significant efforts I have made to be the person I want be. This flag that I am pushing so hard to hoist at the very top represents both my failures and victories, as every Olympic competitor says with proud, is not the final target but the hard work on the way to get there.

I remember the day of my graduation as one of the very few days that I looked at these flags in Ciudad Universitaria with a different perspective. I pulled over my car next to them, tuned one of my favorite tracks from Kygo mixed with the sound of the rain falling down, and I stood there a couple of minutes staring at them and said to myself: “You just hoist your flag at its highest point…” However, aside from significant victories in one’s life, daily, we gotta remember we still carry our flags with ourselves. Does not matter whether a failure or a victory is being shared with the world. To remember and to have present our flags, it is an action that helps us to contribute to our everyday evolution. Sometimes I thought, it is pointless to put effort and momentum to something people don’t see or make a benefit from. But I was wrong. Just for myself and my own benefit, I put effort and momentum into specific things that make my flag stand up and therefore serve as a better human being.

I invite all of you to keep on mind that carrying our flags everywhere it is in the first place, a commitment to ourselves. Whether your flag means to you where you come from or where you studied, doesn’t matter as long as you remember each of us represents our flags in so many different ways and through so many actions. It is essential you stand still firm and never break your word, you said to yourself when hoisting that flag.

Photos by Lorena Cruz

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