Do you actually feel taken care of by you? Do you pay attention to what you and others really need every day? I do, sometimes I don’t. This is what comes to mind every time I share my unconditional love to my dog Bruno. He’s been 13 precious years with us, and I must say that sometimes it is easier to show him appreciation and unconditional love than showing it to me and others. During these harsh times of sanitary crisis worldwide, there have been millions of reflections and thoughts on what we can learn from this tough situation. So, we are in extreme need of taking care of us and others. Really go deep and understand how the hell to make time to look after our health, mental balance, and full-filling life.

We make mistakes, yes, but every day is an excellent chance to step back and take a moment to listen to our hearts and minds, but mostly our hearts. Follow whatever your heart is telling you, this is one of the best possible ways to contribute to world health, to human evolution. Taking care of ourselves is a broad, very complex subject. However, this post only aims to highlight one specific issue related to awareness and consciousness. Take the hell care of yourself. Watch your body, what it tells you. Watch your mind. Watch your actions. De-clutter the shit in your mental world and in your physical world. Leave out what you don’t need. Choose those things that help you be better by any means. We should not need a world emergency to stay aware of these essential issues that concern all of us. Love your true self.

Photos by Lorena Cruz

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