Whereas the coronavirus still is persistent across the globe, millions of people have had to adapt to the situation. Either working from home or shifting hours with colleagues to look after their businesses. We see workers from all fields adapting a small area in their house as a desk, or people at government offices moving desks distanced between each other. We see takeaways only, empty playgrounds, and saturated internet sites. We see grocery shops run out of packed or frozen products and tons of fresh local food still available. The stock market fell even worst than the economic crisis back in 2008.

Nevertheless, we see people are face-timing like never before as well. Hospitals being built within 10 days, and workforces fighting against this situation in all fields. There are vast actions that are being taken. However, one of the most interesting aspects of these difficult times here for me is the adaptation process. Just as in architecture and its origins.

All type of crisis is a period for humans to adapt. To react in survival mood. To change dynamics and leave the room in its best possible way. This evolutionary process of adapting since we used to live in caves, is what brings together humanity. Uncountable efforts from doctors, nurses, national security corps, health institutions, government people, civils, everyone is pulling together the same rope. I am amazed and overwhelmed to see everyone working so hard to overcome this situation and happy to contribute in a small way. We all do. Either by reading the news to stay up to date with international information, or staying at home to prevent the spread of the virus. Or, as I mentioned in my previous post, “Taken Cared Off,” looking after our health and well being is already a significant contribution.

Adaption can be hard, can be frustrating. Still, if we think more in-depth, we actually use this adaptation process daily. It can be for a small period of time, let’s say we adapt to work under certain weather conditions, we adapt our schedule depending on the traffic, we adapt to sounds on the street to fall asleep and so on. We are the best machines to adapt at any, literally any circumstance. Now that we are spending 24 hours at home, I thought I could explore each of the rooms that compose a house. See it as an individual organism that belongs to a whole. What does this room make me feel? What are the potential parts? It is fascinating to take time and observe our surroundings. We spend most almost half of our lives inside our houses, and sometimes we don’t take time to observe and feel the space, what it has to offer. So, I would say make a profit from this situation and enjoy the walls around you, if not, make small changes. Let the architecture around you to inspire your world in the way you want.

Adapt certain areas of your house to give you more. Adapt your environment to your mindset and inner aspirations. Adaptation makes us grow, makes us be able to face even harder challenges. Challenges that are given to us for a specific reason that we might don’t know at the very moment. But yes, it is undoubtedly for the better.

Photos by Mariana R.

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