Hello 🙂 As much as the situation is very complex and challenging, we gotta keep trying to enjoy life and focus on maintaining our activities and goals alive. Making an effort to keep healthy habits and a regular routine has been very challenging thought. So I think what helps now, is going to bed every day knowing that a tiny part of the day made us feel in balance, in good order with our work and better by any means, is the key during this lockdown. I hope you are all dealing with this situation in the best possible way and that all of your plans, even if they got really affected, you can reach them in a slightly different way.

It is vital for the world now trying to focus on what we can do to contribute and focus on our mental and physical health. It is vital that you do whatever it takes to feel better and to stay positive about this. It is vital that we force ourselves to maintain as much as we can, a resilient attitude and a strong mindset in order to help the world to keep on going. Stay safe.

Photos by Mariana R.

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