This blog out of millions out there is not anything different or relevant to you, maybe. Between many decisions on whether to continue with it or not, I came across with a burst of feelings since I have started it. Should I post this content or not? If I could count the times, I have questioned this to myself… I may not be the first person trying to stand in this world by claiming for acceptance and no judgment. I have judged others countless times, and I started this hobby of mine; I could see how it feels, or at least, I assume judgment is happening to me in regards to the content I post.

I see many people defending themselves from the rest to pursue what they love and are passionate about. However, my so little journey has been profoundly affected by this fear of what others may think about my personality and identity whatsoever. Last week I watched a video from Danish blogger Signe, aka “Use Less.” She talked about the lessons she learned about her sustainable fashion journey throughout the years. One of them was about being shamed from caring about our looks and physical appearance. She believes there is no shame to be passionate about how we look and to passionate about fashion. Just because a girl loves fashion, it doesn’t mean she is less intelligent, or that she is a superficial person.

Style is a language to communicate feelings, movements, ideas, identity, among other human expressions. Just as art functions around feelings and memories. When I heard this, I immediately connected with these words. I have felt a world of anxiety to feel judged because I am an architect who loves minimal fashion and everything related to it. I have oppressed myself many times from posting pictures I like or content I want to share with the world. As an architect, I am supposed to wear plain clothing with zero expression of being superficial and/or feminine. I am supposed to judge everyone out there, loving luxury or non-sustainable fashion. I am supposed to be a cold minded architect, who keeps a low profile in regards to my physical appearance and show off my strict commitment to architecture in addition to being humble in terms of economic and social status. I am all this. I was wearing plain black and white clothes all the time. Even during college, I was always preventing myself from being feminine. In the past years, I decided to work on who I really wanted to be, a hybrid woman who’s humble, grounded, and feminine among a million other values I own. I started to curate my wardrobe and my physical appearance because it made me feel so good and comfortable with myself in my own skin. I have been training myself to become a brilliant architect who’s also a feminine woman who loves clothes and curated environments. And this does not make me less smart as an architect. It does not make me forget the harsh living conditions in the world. It doesn’t mean I don’t reflect on social architecture or decrease my analytical approach to many topics within the architecture, design, and culture field.

How many times shall we keep muting ourselves and judging us and others? Self-sabotage is also a colossal pandemic that has been happening for so long. It makes me feel scared sometimes to live this life under the current massive unbalanced way of living across the world. To fight social matters, we have to work on our values and believes first. We have to treat others the way we want to be treated. We have to fully respect and honor our passions first, and then try to fight global issues and challenges. Let’s stop the shortage of humankind, acceptance, and honest love between all of us. This is just a superficial blog post for you, maybe. Hopefully, there’s someone out there who reads these words and gets influenced as I have with people defending their passions and not being scared to show them. I praise the day when we become almost entirely empathic to others and accept people just the way they are. Without critics, even if they seem to be doing “wrong” according to your own criteria. Let people be whatever they want to be. It is not our position to judge and tell people what’s good or bad, let them decide. Love. Stay safe. Stay well.

PD- I took these photos after the highest peak of the pandemic in Mexico City. I wore my mask and removed it temporarily to take the pictures and then put it back again. Drop me a comment down below if this was helpful to you or any other though you may have on this ❤

Photos by Mariana R.

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