Lorena Cruz is an architect currently based in Helsinki, Finland. She has created this blog to intersect the world of fashion with her architectural background, by creating curated digital content to propose a narrative between both of her passions. Her primary goal is to spread what she is passionate about Scandinavian culture and design around the world.

Lorena studied architecture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Faculty of Architecture in 2017. Where she obtained her undergraduate degree with her thesis project entitled “Scandinavian Centre CDMX”. Since then, Lorena started to shape her identity around what defines Nordic architecture, design, and lifestyle. Moreover, she has been involved in many different activities related to Scandinavia and its aesthetics around design and architecture.

She holds a Diploma in Cultural Management and has volunteered in cultural institutions in Mexico City. Lorena has been in close contact with contemporary art and design, for this reason, she is converting one of her biggest passions into something that people can be inspired from.